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Farmers Against The Crown
by Keith Marshall Jones III.  Produced in co-operation with the Ridgefield, Connecticut Historical Society. This 194-page 6"x9" glossy soft cover was published in 2002, with a third edition in 2017. ($24.95)

The first truly comprehensive account of the only Revolutionary War land battle of inland Connecticut! Learn the real story of General Benedict Arnold's desperate  April 1777 engagement with a crack redcoat army thrice his size. More than fifty first person observations and several original maps help the author detail this unlikely encounter blow-by-blow and mile by mile. 

"I suspect that this telling will remain the standard account of the Battle for a long, long, time."   Christopher Collier, Connecticut State Historian

The Farms of Farmingville
by Keith Marshall Jones III.      Funded by the Ridgefield, Connecticut Historical Society. This 507-page hard-cover volume, complete with over a hundred photos and illustrations, was published in 2001 by Gateway Press.  ($34.95)

Setting out to document the architecture of twenty-three period farmhouses still standing in a single historic Connecticut school district, the author makes acquaintance with two centuries of former inhabitants.  From raising a post and beam dwelling to clearing and planting fields, the reader follows life on the farm during America's agricultural age, only to watch the lights go out one-by-one as industrialization extinguishes the self-sufficient New England farm.


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